Singular: FAQ


What is a verified collection?

A verified collection is one that has been hand-vetted by the RMRK team to be original and exclusive to RMRK. For a collection to be verified, please open it Singular and click the "Request Verification" button. If you don't meet some of the prerequisites, the app will tell you. For reference, the requirements are: at least 10 $RMRK in the issuing account, a set identity in your space, and either of the following: at least 5 NFTs in a collection OR a previously verified collection.
Please note that it is the RMRK team's prerogative to pre-verify certain collections if the author is known, exclusive, or otherwise has some type of agreement with the team. Verification is only an indication of uniqueness and exclusivity to RMRK, not an endorsement!

How much are minting fees on Singular?

Around ~3 cents per mint.

How do I get curated / featured on the home page?

The RMRK team currently democratically decides on curation. If we collectively agree by majority without veto that a collection should be curated (also known as featured), it will be chosen as such.
We base out criteria on the following parameters:
  • is the collection verified? (see above)
  • does the collection have a banner?
  • does the artist have an identity set up in their space?
  • has the artist actively participated in the RMRK protocol with purchases and/or sales?
  • does the artist have a positive balance of RMRK tokens?
  • does the artist or the collection have a community existing or growing around it?
Furthermore, we judge the collections based on:
  • Skill/Craftsmanship
  • Originality
    • Interesting Medium
    • Interesting Project (Well thought-out concept, innovative, etc)
    • General Novelty

What does "Top" mean in "Top Artists" and "Top Collectors"?

These are the addresses who sold most NFTs or collected most NFTs (in KSM value) respectively.

How do I mass-mint?

Contact us at contact@rmrk.app if you'd like to launch a big collection. We'll add mass-mint tools with RMRK 2 functionality on Singular, but until that happens, you should refrain from using third-party mass-minters due to the coming hosting fee (see next section).

I made a mistake in my collection's information, can I edit it?

No, it is not possible to edit an NFT's or a collection's information once registered on chain. Please be careful when minting.

Can I burn a collection?

No, but if you burn all NFTs inside it, it will be hidden and won't appear any more for anyone.

What is the "Inspect" button on NFTs?

The Inspect button will take you to Crust network's explorer, displaying the geographical distribution of nodes currently pinning this IPFS hash, indicating how available it is to the public. You can use the same screen to click on "Open file" and download the raw NFT media in original quality.

Where is NFT data stored?

We store everything on IPFS and pin it on Pinata and our own IPFS node. This is currently free. In the near future, we will add a minting fee that will depend on the file size being uploaded, bottoming out at $1 in KSM.
This means all mints will, in the future, cost around ~$1 at a minimum to recoup our hosting costs.
It will remain possible to mint via command-line, scripts, and third party tools, but due to the possibility of those pins disappearing, we will make it clear that such NFTs might be unsafe to consider permanent.
Any user - owner, issuer, or viewer - will be able to sponsor the supplement pinning fee for third-party minted NFTs, turning the NFT into a "pinned-by-RMRK" NFT.

What is the RMRK token?

Find out more here.

How do I report bugs or suggest features?

Go to our Upvoty board and select the category you want to submit in (Feature Requests vs Bugs). Please search for your issue first and upvote / comment if it exists rather than posting a new one!


Why do I need to make a deposit to mint on Statemine?

Statemine is a common good parachain connected to Kusama. Learn more here.
In order to create tokens or NFTs on it, you need to put down a small deposit for each NFT and NFT collection you create. This is a spam-prevention method.
If you burn all instances of a NFT you create on Statemine (i.e. destroy the collection and all its items), you can reclaim your deposit. This will happen automatically on every successful collection destroy.

What does it mean to freeze an NFT or collection?

Metadata (data of an NFT) on Statemine is malleable by default until frozen.
This allows the issuer to change the information the NFT record is pointing to at will until they issue the freeze. This is useful when, for example, selling "unrevealed" NFTs that reveal their rarity after a sale, a popular mechanic for NFT distribution.
Users should be aware that NFTs not being frozen does mean the issuer of the project can "rug pull" the NFT content, changing it completely at will. It is recommended to favor frozen NFTs over non-frozen ones.


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